Let’s make life sexy!


Lately a lot of people told me about the change they saw in me. They mentioned the positive energy they feel, the sparkle in my eyes and the new way I am presenting myself. After months of sharing only in my inner circle and being inspired by that, I’ve decided to tell about my journey on a larger scale. The journey in which I defined my goals and my values in life. But let’s not forget I also found out about the false stories I kept telling myself. If this blog will only inspire anyone, just one, to take a step into growth in his or her life I have reached a result I am very proud of. Because… be honest, who doesn’t want to live their life with passion.

My journey started in March this year, when personal circumstances forced me to go for my best or to stay where I was and maybe even fall in a big deep black hole. I was reminded again about the five-day training called Essence. Although very sceptical, I went to an information evening. In this evening I found out Essence is a very practical training. To be implemented in my life immediately. To make results fast by changing patterns and habits that don’t work for me. First I was scared “how can I implement this training in my busy schedule”, “is it worth the effort”, “will it change me for the better”, and a lot more stories which I was used to tell myself.

To make a short story even shorter, the week after the information evening I went into the training. I decided to take the opportunity life offered me. And words cannot describe how happy I am I took this step. The quality of my life has improved incredibly. The first results were directly noticeable in the relationship with my husband, my three children and my friends. Some of the tools I learned were easier than others to adapt in life. But as an ex-perfectionist I can tell you I embrace my mistakes nowadays. I make them, I see them, I correct them, I learn from them. And it’s getting easier and easier as I am making them a part of my life. I see how easy I can inspire my children by giving them a good example. And against my expectations, letting go of perfectionism works for me. I am more relaxed and that is working a lot for my loved ones.

In June I decided to go for a second training called Source. In one word: amazing! Not only because it was so much fun and inspiring but also because I amazed myself. In and since this training I really know, really know, that I can make a difference in my life and by that in the life of others. I am not in the ‘just be normal mode’ anymore. My energy is floating between high and sky-high and I cross my borders daily. Not because I have to, but because I want to out of free will and choice. We moved to a new house at speed level with three small children and we managed without killing each other. I took a subscription at the sport centre after this moving and go there on a regular basis. My existing relationships improved significantly and new wonderful relationships were found. My husband and I are more focussed on partnership in raising the children as I dare to show my vulnerability. I have learned how to deal with criticism and with issues from the past which blocked me. I am focussed on my self-expression and found my self-confidence and femininity. Professionally I am making big steps right now by making clear what my passions are. As I can’t eliminate all negativity in my life I have learned to get through these situations. I stopped being the victim of my past, the negative situations and the issues that crossed my path. I am in charge of my life and the amount of happiness in it.

So far my journey in short. And I am not finished yet, not at all as I am very eager to learn more and more about myself, my loved ones and people in general.

For those who want to know more, follow my blog and feel free to ask me for additional information.





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